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Victoria Albanese

Omega Institute "Get Some Writing Done" Workshop Attendee, 2019

Lauren was instrumental to my learning at this summer’s Omega writing workshop.  She gives insightful critique that is honest but gentle and she is generous with encouragement.  It would be a privilege to take another writing class and have Lauren as the instructor.

Ruth Bonapace

Omega Institute "Get Some Writing Done" Workshop Attendee, 2019

Lauren was introduced as the TA but she was actually, truly a co-teacher of the workshop. Her insights and advice were spot on, and very valuable both to me, a veteran of many workshops on the road to my MFA, and also to the newbies in our group, taking their first steps into the water, not knowing yet that they can swim.

Wendy Eastman

James Jones Writers Workshop Retreat Attendee, 2019

When I first started writing I had no idea what I was doing, then I met Lauren J. Sharkey at the James Jones Writer’s Retreat, she listened to me and helped me find my voice. Her constructive critiques and patience were invaluable. She allowed me to discover new ways of seeing my story. Even after the retreat ended she continued to offer guidance. Lauren gave me the tools to become a confident writer. I consider her my mentor. Anyone who works with Lauren can feel her passion to help others writers succeed.

Valerie Frankfeldt

Omega Institute "Get Some Writing Done" Workshop Attendee, 2019

Lauren’s comments were so intelligent, incisive, and insightful, not to say also uplifting and supportive. She is a great teacher and a fountain of knowledge. Much appreciated from my time at Omega with her!

Janet Green Garrison

Omega Institute "Get Some Writing Done" Workshop Attendee, 2019


I can not thank you sufficiently for your valuable contributions to writers workshop at Omega this week. I am truly amazed by your wise and concise editing suggestions. Giving me your thoughts on the 2 different timelines has opened yet another way to view my life’s trajectory. I look forward to reading your book in the new future.

With sincere thanks,
Janet Green Garrison

Sabine Gerdts

Web Design and Marketing Client

Lauren has helped us in our business venture, and to use the word help doesn’t seem like a big enough word. She is inquisitive. She is beyond helpful. She is there whenever we have a question about our marketing and our website. I am so grateful to have found this genius of a woman.

Elizabeth Heise

Omega Institute "Get Some Writing Done" Workshop Attendee, 2019

Lauren is a fantastic writing coach—I cannot recommend her highly enough. Her consultation was concise and insightful. She has a way of breaking down the writing process into bite size pieces so that you are not trying to cram in an entire enchilada for no good reason. Unlike many successful authors of her caliber, she is extremely generous with her feedback. Her contributions to our workshop at Omega were a tremendous bonus. I hope to have the chance to work with her again and can’t wait for Inconvenient Daughter.

Kathy Moore

Omega Institute "Get Some Writing Done" Workshop Attendee, 2019

I attended a workshop with Lauren at Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY. Lauren teaches the craft of writing but she also empowers her students to trust themselves as writers. Her calm presence, warmth and sense of humor made it easy to share work and her insightful feedback helped me grow as a writer.

Dhilina Nanediridevage

Resume Client

Lauren worked with me on several essays I needed to write while applying to law school. Because of her guidance, my essay landed me a position in the fellowship program which is going to save me $90,000 worth of tuition over three years! I definitely recommend her services!

D.E. Sandeaux

James Jones Writers Workshop Retreat Attendee, 2019

Lauren J. Sharkey is a gifted human being and an honest sharp-witted writer. When she teaches the creative process, she nurtures the human story in each student. She leads us with humor and compassion through the difficult steps of crafting narrative. She opens one door at a time in an arcing continuum of story that makes us believe in ourselves. Lauren is wise beyond her years, with infinite access to what’s compelling in our culture. Because she’s tuned in, we stay focused.

Valerie Spangenberg

Omega Institute "Get Some Writing Done" Workshop Attendee, 2019

Hi Lauren,

Thank you so much for kindness and advice during the class at Omega.  You were excellent and your ideas were gratefully received particularly on the one-to-one basis.  Your comments were pertinent and helpful and I love the way you were in sympathy with each participant when s/he become overwhelmed with emotion.  Your empathy was so soothing.  Thank you again and good luck in the future.

Holly Tappen

James Jones Writers Workshop Retreat Attendee, 2019

Lauren is a genuine writer and teacher who looks deep into the meanings of the art. She is passionate and knowledgeable at the same time – a gem!

Sylvie Thiffault

Omega Institute "Get Some Writing Done" Workshop Attendee, 2019

Lauren’s teachings bring the group immediately to the next level. Personally, I experienced being heard wholeheartedly. Lauren pinpointed immediately what I did well and what I needed to work on, leaving me feeling worthy and skilled. I am making my debuts as a writer and self-confidence plus honest feedback are key. Lauren delivers both in stride.

Leigh Warre

Omega Institute "Get Some Writing Done" Workshop Attendee, 2019

Lauren was a wonderfully enthusiastic writing instructor during the workshop I took with Kaylie Jones and Beverly Donofrio. She was compassionate, and had many insights into the work that was shared, which I found very helpful. She also was great in a 1-1 conference with lots of information concerning further study in writing workshops and MFA programs. I highly recommend her as a writing instructor.