INCONVENIENT DAUGHTER, forthcoming from Kaylie Jones Books in 2020
Based on Lauren J. Sharkey’s own experience, INCONVENIENT DAUGHTER explores identity, race, and the search for love through the eyes of Rowan Kelly, a Korean adoptee raised by Irish Catholic parents on Long Island.


I AM STRENGTH: True Stories of Everyday Superwomen: “What All Survivors Know” (8/26/2018)

Dear Adoption, : “Dear Adoption, I Have Questions For Bio-Mom” (7/5/2018)
“Dear Adoption, I Have Questions for Bio-Mom/Tell me about your pregnancy thirty years ago.” Read more here…


WriteChatWednesday: Work/Life Balance (7/11/2018)
Lauren J. Sharkey joins fellow panelists Matthew McGevna, Laurie Loewenstein, and Patricia A. Smith in discussing how writers afford to write, side hustles, and more. Read more here…

WriteChatWednesday: The Writing Process (6/13/2018)
Lauren J. Sharkey joins fellow panelists David Andreas, Judy Mandel, Matthew McGevna, Patricia A. Smith, Ronnie K. Stephens, and Theasa Tuohy to discuss the writing process. Read more here…

Tuesday Tunes with Lauren J. Sharkey (3/19/2018)
Lauren J. Sharkey explores the relationship between music and writing, and sheds light on how music has played a role in her forthcoming novel, INCONVENIENT DAUGHTER. Read more here…



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