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Change your body.  Take your journey.  Find your soul.  This is the mantra of SoulCycle.  It echoes through each class and is plastered around the studio in neon lights.

Yesterday was my third time at SoulCycle.  It hasn’t gotten easier, but it’s gotten better.  I’m still not 100% with the rhythm, but I have found the right size shoe, a bike I like, and am staying for the entire class.

People tend to be surprised when I tell them I’m still going to SoulCycle.  “Oh, you’re still doing that?”

I’m not sure if this is because I’m not known for my consistency, or if they just don’t think I’m cut out for it.  Probably a combination of both.

Yesterday’s class was extremely important to me.  I had signed up to ride with the same instructor I walked out on during my first class.  I wanted to make things right.

When I signed up for my first ride, I asked the girl on the phone who was best for first-timers, and she recommended Mark.  After last night’s class, I don’t think I’ll ever ride with anyone else.

While the instructor I had last time was energetic and pushed us to the limit, Mark is more spiritual.  I know that sounds lame.  In fact, I just laughed as I wrote that, but it’s true.  Throughout class, Mark delivers these meditations and wisdom.  He told us to cherish and live in this moment because we don’t always get 45-minutes to ourselves.  He constantly reminds us that we are good enough, better than we think we are, that we are worth it, and deserve happiness.  As a woman who’s never felt that way – who’s sweating and panting and wondering why I did this AGAIN – it’s important and moving to hear that.

I definitely don’t ride as hard as everyone else in class.  If I’m being completely honest, I usually crack about 25-minutes in and go at my own pace, trying to keep up where I can.  But I’m there, and I’m doing it.  And when I look out into the crowd and see them moving as one, it makes me want to push myself harder.  I can’t tell you how cool it feels when I do (occasionally) get on beat and start moving with the class.  I feel like I’m part of something special and, for a second, I don’t feel like the fat Asian who can’t keep up.

In every class, there’s always a few people who are totally killing it.  They own that routine and that bike and part of me worries they will shoot off the seat at any second.  They’re usually in amazing shape and have kick ass bodies.  Before last night, I knew I’d never be one of them.  But as Mark was talking about pushing harder and getting stronger, I thought, “Why can’t I be one of them?”  I mean, all that’s standing in the way is me (and like 60+ lbs.).

“Just remember Roslyn,” Mark said before our last sprint, “remember that you’ve survived everything and conquered everything in your path until right now.  This is your moment.”  And I thought, “Fuck yeah.  I HAVE survived a ton of shit.”

Too often we forget about what we’ve done.  We worry about what’s going to happen at work tomorrow, how we’re going to make rent next month, etc.  We forget how far we’ve come, and that the reason we are where we are right now is because of our own strength.  Honor the journey you’ve walked – it’ll make you stronger for what’s yet to come.

I may not have changed my body yet, but I am taking the journey to find my soul…and the rhythm.


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