Review: OrangeTheory Fitness, Carle Place

Date of Visit: March 29, 2017
Instructor: Debbie
Time: 9:30am

I’d heard about Orangetheory from a few people at SoulCycle and decided to give it a try.  According to their website:

I remember being immediately intrigued because I was looking for a total-body workout to really help me tone, develop muscle, and become stronger. This seemed like just the ticket.

When I arrived for my first class, I was given a heart monitor to wear throughout the duration of class to track my burn. Debbie was extremely friendly and took me into the studio to introduce me to all the equipment (rowing machine, weight room, and treadmill).

PRO TIP: If the treadmill isn’t your thing, you can ask to do the elliptical or bike. I wish this information had been made clear to me before class.

While she provided a quick demonstration, the one thing I wish she’d have gone over was the monitoring system. Your heart monitor’s information is displayed on the TVs in the studio, along with the other class participants’. There are several different zones: grey, blue, green, orange, and red.

To be honest, I’m still not really sure what all of them mean only that grey basically means inactive, you’re supposed to try and be in the green zone, and red and orange mean you’re burning calories after you leave the studio. The TVs were not centrally located, so I had to keep craning my neck to see myself, and it took me a while to figure out where I was on the grid. Explaining what each color means beforehand probably would have made me more motivated to reach the green, red, and orange zones.

Before class started, Debbie explained that this was a partner class and we would be working with another member to reach certain goals. As a first-timer, I expected to be paired with the instructor, or to simply have no partner. This was not the case. Debbie paired me with another woman in class.

The challenge was for us to row 5600+ meters between the two of us. We were to alternate between the treadmill and the rowing machine for the first part of class. I could tell my partner was frustrated that I couldn’t keep up, but I was taking it slowly since this was my first time with a rowing machine.

PRO TIP: Apparently, during each workout, each participant has the opportunity to get points. I don’t know how the system works, but this was probably the source of the frustration of the woman I was paired with. It wasn’t fair to either of us, and Debbie should have elected to be my partner.

Additionally, I told Debbie I was not a runner and expressed my concern with the treadmill. It would have been good of her to advise me that I could have switched to another piece of equipment. Since I was again taking it at my own pace, I found myself bored at the treadmill, and kept wondering how much longer was left for this portion of the workout.

During the weights section, Debbie demonstrated all the exercises, but didn’t come to check on me regarding my form. I don’t really lift weights, so I was expecting a little more support in this area.

After class was over, Debbie explained the color codes on the TV. Then, a sales girl came and told me about the different membership options, and informed me I would be getting an e-mail with a summary of today’s workout (calories burned, etc.).

While I’m sure this is a great workout for people who are already familiar with lifting weights, and are in decent shape, this wasn’t the best workout for me as a beginner. The atmosphere was extremely competitive and made me feel self-conscious as a result.

A few days later (and by a few, I mean like five), Debbie called to see how I felt after the workout. When I told her I felt fine but that I didn’t think it was the workout for me, she said, “You didn’t think it was the workout for you? Okay.” and hung up. Since partner classes are not common, she could have offered me another free class to show me a different side of the workout, or she could have simply asked why I felt that way. At the end of the day, OTF Carle Place made me feel like it was all about the sale, and not about the burn. As a result, I definitely won’t be back.

Pros: Friendly staff, clean atmosphere, showers.


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