Meal Plan: 8/29 – 9/2

Guys, I have to be honest with you – as happy as I am to get back to school, I am really not looking forward to this week.  It’s not because of the food or anything, it’s just going to be a rough one!  Here’s next week’s lineup:

MP 8.29


Classes start this week this is where I usually get into trouble.  I’m hoping to avoid the drive through by doing enough meal prep to get me through the day!  Also, I’m super bummed that I have to change my SoulCycle schedule around and make sure I get to take a class with each of my favorite trainers!


Yeah, there’s not a whole lot of variety in this week’s meal plan.  There’s a couple of reasons for this, but the big one is that I’m on a tight budget this week, and I’ve got to stretch it as far as I can.  Secondly, I really need to be more consistent throughout the week, and honestly, eating the same thing everyday doesn’t bother me.  Eating the same thing means less daily prep, which means less opportunities to cheat.


I just discovered this amazing new site, Emily Bites.  Emily makes healthier versions of almost all my guilty pleasure foods and you can find most of them in MyFitnessPal!  Definitely going to see more of her recipes on my meal plan in the next few weeks but for this week, we’ll just be making the Chicken Parmesan Wonton Cupcakes.  I’ll also be making the Post-workout Green Smoothie from Simple Green Smoothies.  I also still have leftovers from SkinnyTaste’s Asparagus-Pancetta Potato Hash on this week’s meal plan.

4.  COST

Remember that the total amount I spend per week is usually updated on Sunday/Monday.  I would do it sooner, but I usually don’t do my shopping until Friday/Saturday.  You can usually count on me not to go over $50, though!

Trader Joe’s:

  • (2) bags Berry Medley:
  • (2) bags Spinach: $3.98
  • (1) dozen Eggs: $1.49
  • Frozen Turkey Meatballs:
  • Grilled chicken strips: $5.49
  • (5) Yogurts: $4.95
  • (1) Grapefruit:
  • Apple slices:


  • (2) bags frozen pineapple: $
  • Chopped peppers: $
  • Low-sodium roast beef: $
  • Grapes: $
  • Strawberries: $
  • Wonton wrappers: $

Things I have in the house but you may need to purchase: coconut water, pasta sauce, mozzarella cheese, cheddar cheese, almond milk, whole wheat bread, peanut butter.

Banner image credit (left to right): SkinnyTaste, Simple Green Smoothies, Emily Bites.

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