Meal Plan: 8/15 – 8/19

This post was updated on 8/15/16.

Hello, dedicated readers!  I hope you’re having an awesome week so far, and that this post finds you well.  Once again, I’ve put this week’s meal plan up a little early in case you want to follow along with me.  I’ll also be cooking and prepping this weekend so be sure to check me out on Instagram for pictures.  Also, definitely check back on this post throughout the weekend in case I have any updates about weirdness going on with the recipes.  I don’t see that happening this week (everything is pretty solid), but you never know.

NOTE:  The reason I don’t publish on Sundays after the pricing and recipes are complete is because, if you want to follow along and don’t get the shopping list till Sunday, that’s a bit much to do in one day.  So, just keep checking in if you’re following along.

MP 8.15


As many of you know, I am a die-hard Simple Green Smoothies fan.  So, this week, I’ve decided to start each day with a green smoothie for several reasons:

  • They’re super easy.  All you need to do is throw ingredients into a blender, freeze, then defrost the night before.  In the morning, you just need to give it a quick shake and then you’re all set.
  • Portability:  I realized that I normally eat breakfast in the car, driving to work.  Having something I can sip is a major plus.
  • The omelet muffins were fine when I put them in the toaster oven to reheat, but not so much in the microwave when I got to work.  Not to worry, though!  Eggs are a great source of protein and are still on the menu for post-Soul workouts!


I know pasta is like the enemy for dieters, but it’s super easy for me to make, there are healthier options (whole wheat, vegetable, brown rice), and it stays in the fridge well.  Sorry it seems to be dominating my lunch choices, but when you work in an office, you can’t ask for much more than that.


We’ll be using HelloFresh’s One-Pot Chicken Alfredo with a few modifictions (I’m subbing the pasta for whole wheat pasta, and the milk for almond milk to lighten it up).  The Berry Blast smoothie, from Simple Green Smoothies, can be found here (I’m just using strawberries instead of mixed berries since I have a bunch already).


Not much to explain this week, so we’ll get straight to the shopping list!  Total amount spent this week:  Approx. $50.00.

Trader Joe’s:

  • (2) bags of spinach – $3.98
  • (6) bananas – $1.14
  • (3) Yogurt – $2.97
  • Frozen Eggplant Cutlets – $2.49
  • Turkey Breast – $7.99
  • Frozen Roasted Potatoes with Peppers – $2.99
  • Peanut butter and oat granola bars – $2.69
  • (1) dozen eggs – $1.49 (I don’t need the whole dozen but I know others in my house will eat them if I don’t)
  • Bacon – $4.99 (they didn’t have turkey so I went with regular)
  • Whole Wheat Wraps – $2.79
  • Grilled chicken strips – $5.49
  • Lite Shredded Mozzarella Cheese – $3.99

Other items you may need, but I already have in the house: almond milk, berries, partially popped popcorn, Sahale snacks, pasta (brown rice quinoa fusilli or other), green beans, frozen broccoli florets, pasta sauce, and grated Parmesan cheese.

UPDATE:  I’ve decided to join Weight Watchers, so future meal plans (including this week’s) will begin incorporating the points which is why a couple of things on the meal plan were altered.

Banner image credit: HelloFresh (left), Simple Green Smoothies (middle), Sahale Snacks (right).


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