Friday Find: Ninja Blender

Whether or not you’re a smoothie fan, a good blender is a kitchen staple for most.  I have a Ninja Professional Blender (BL 660) and I couldn’t be happier.  Mine cost $109.99 but it was well worth the money.


I make smoothies, pesto sauce, and purees for yogurt.  It works as a blender and food processor in one.  The best part is that it came with two single-serve cups.  In the morning, I just throw my smoothie ingredients in, blend, and head to work without having to worry about washing the big base.

Previously, I had a Hamilton Beach blender.  The problem was that the blades were only on the bottom, and I’d constantly have to stop it and move things around so everything would blend.  With Ninja’s stacked blade system, you just toss everything in and let the Ninja work its magic.  It’s definitely changed my morning routine for the better!

PS – If something happens to the single-serve cups, you can buy them separately ($19.36 for two).

Another thing I always have on hand are plastic cups and lids ($18.49 for 100).  If I’m feeling really ambitious, I’ll make a week’s worth of smoothies, freeze them in these cups (they actually freeze really well and don’t puff up), and then thaw them the night before.  In the morning, I toss the thawed smoothie into the single-serve cups, give it a quick blend, and then I’m off to work!



Banner Image Credit:  Ninja, Simple Green Smoothies, Grayson’s Berry Land.


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