Eat Clean Bro

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Living a healthier lifestyle is about so much more than exercise – it’s about fueling your body. This is where I’ve struggled the most. Sure, I can go to SoulCycle four times a week, but that means nothing if I’m stuffing my face with pizza, soda, and other unhealthy foods.  It’s not just about what you’re doing with your body, it’s about what you put into it that matters most. Continue reading

Friday Finds: Scales and Stuff

Friday Finds is a section of my blog where I share products I’ve found to be useful.  I am not compensated by, or endorsed by, any of these companies to provide a positive review.

When I first started rethinking the way I ate, one thing took me by surprise: I never look at the nutrition facts label.  I know how it sounds, but it’s the truth.  It’s just not something that ever occurred to me. Continue reading