Meal Plan: 9/5 – 9/9

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So, last week was a weird week.  I wasn’t able to stay on plan the whole week, but I did have three days where I went really strong and stuck to it.  The last two, I went rogue and took myself out to dinner.  The lesson I’ve learned is that there needs to be balance.  You can’t eat like a champ three days out of the week and then go completely off the rails the other two. Continue reading

My SoulJourney

Once upon a time, I had an amazing trainer named Dean.  Dean is one of those people who is truly in the business of helping others.  We high-fived during times of success, and he taught me how to convert my setbacks into strength.  My goals were his goals.  And throughout the years, he became more than just a trainer – he was my friend.  Then, he moved. Continue reading

Meal Plan: 8/1 – 8/5

I’m the type of person who uses Google Calendar to make plans with friends.  My time is always accounted for because, honestly, I have too little of it.  Often, this has been my excuse for eating poorly.  I’d say things like, “I need to eat McDonald’s because I don’t have time to make something before I go to class.”  While this is sometimes true, it doesn’t change the fact that I can make time. Continue reading