Sunday Routine

Most Sundays, I wake up on the right side of Bryan’s bed. My lover has crossed the border of what I consider “my side”, and smooshed me against the wall. I don’t mind, though – I need to go to the bathroom. +1

SoulCycle: A Year Later

If I’m being completely honest, I probably look about the same – the same height, the same weight (give or take a few pounds), and definitely the same eating habits (a constant work in progress). But I’m not the same. 0

Day Job vs. Dream Job

At thirty, I realize I’ve officially been in the work force for half my time here, on Earth. Those who know me well know I’ve had many jobs – bookseller, barista, administrative assistant…those three weird weeks in 2008 when I worked for a telemarketing scam. It’s not that I’m a bad worker – in fact, […]

The Xièxie Phenomenon

Before 1998, only a small percentage of the American population knew of Jackie Chan. Even though Rumble in the Bronx was eventually acquired by New Line Cinema, who gave it an English dub and a sweet soundtrack, Jackie Chan wasn’t on everyone’s radar. Then, Rush Hour happened. 0

Eat Clean Bro

Image credit: Eat Clean Bro Living a healthier lifestyle is about so much more than exercise – it’s about fueling your body. This is where I’ve struggled the most. Sure, I can go to SoulCycle four times a week, but that means nothing if I’m stuffing my face with pizza, soda, and other unhealthy foods. […]