Author: LJSharks


Dear BioMom

Dear BioMom,

Tell me about your pregnancy thirty years ago. Did he leave you before or after you realized you were late? Did you go to the sonogram alone? Were tears streaming down your face as you heard my heart beat for the first time? Why did you take your prenatal vitamins? Did you figure it out too late? Read more “Dear BioMom”


Pick A Color

It was an ordinary day – I rolled out of bed seventeen minutes before I needed to clock in, brushed my teeth, and ate the last Chewy chocolate chip granola bar on my way to work. After putting my car in park, I unclicked my seatbelt and began digging through the backseat for my green apron. The stench of burnt milk wasn’t too overpowering as I put it around my neck, and I figured I had about two more days before I’d need to wash it. Read more “Pick A Color”


To Alanna, on Jirish Day

Of the things Alanna loved to tell people about herself, the fact that she was Jirish was probably her favorite.

The first time she mentioned this term to me, I was a teenager – an angry, confused, and hateful teenager. I was sulking on the balcony of our shared godmother’s Upper East Side apartment, trying to ignore the laughter and happiness coming from inside. Read more “To Alanna, on Jirish Day”



I open my eyes, and see the same magazine clipping that’s been one strong wind away from being blown across the room – the one I keep telling myself I’m going to re-tape as soon as I get home from work. My arms extend back against my pillow, my toes past the covers and off the edge of the bed. Read more “Faker”